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The Grange

The Grange is a non-sectarian fraternal body of men and women devoted to the investigation, study, and practical application of natural and spiritual laws.

The purpose of the organisation is to enable everyone to live in harmony with the creative, constructive cosmic forces for the attainment of health, happiness and peace..

Thought for the month of January
New years Day is a time for reading the omens for a fresh beginning. It is widely held that the first twelve days of the year will reveal the disposition for the year ahead. This is a good day to go for a long walk, to divine the possibilities of the year ahead in a very simple way.
Before you set off on your walk, stop and tune you intentions to the unfolding year ahead, sense the pathway of the year that stand ready before you. Now begin your walk, attentive to everything that is about you, including the mythscape, story, folklore, and feeling of the land. Keeping the year ahead in your consciousness, allow your attention to widen to include everything about you. If you come across something that draws your attention, like the sudden movement of a bird, the beauty of a patch of moss, the intensity of the light through the trees, stop and be attentive to what caught you attention
Listen and attend to the greeting and intuitively reach out for and feel its meaning, a meaning that might not be experienced in words or even in sound but may come to you as a subtle understanding. Appreciate it, note it, and then pass on. Keep repeating this throughout your walk until you have had twelve such experiences. Each time stop, attend and intuit ( without fishing for a rational explanation ) why your attention has been engaged. Then return home and review the omens in the order you experienced them, relation them successively to the month of the year.  Next New Year's Eve you can check your findings!


The Grange Angel of the Year
"The Divine Light of my Soul flows through my being right now."

"If we are in a dark room, we won't be able to push darkness away with our hands or with our minds.  We need to turn on the light.  
If we open ourselves to the inner light of the Soul, it will transmute all darkness.  
Visualise now in your heart an expanding golden light that radiates warmth and clarity to all around you.  Feel this light expanding from an inner center and becoming a radiant sun of understanding love."

Forth Coming Events

Reiki One Class3&4 April 20219 - 4pmThis weekend workshop includes a manual, demonstration, practicles and level 1 attunements. 
Excluded: Lunch and items of a personal nature
Reiki Two Class10&11 April 20219 - 4pmThis weekend workshop includes a manual, demonstration, practicles and level 2 attunements. 
Excluded: Lunch and items of a personal nature

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P.O.Box 9221, Brentwood Park, 
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56 Kirschner Rd, Benoni North Agricultural Holdings
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