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The Transformation Game

The Transformation Game is centred on a game board representing each player's world and offers a playful yet substantial way of understanding and transforming key life issues. As you move along your 'life path' you gain wider perspectives on your particular patterns and attitudes, recognise strengths, review and resolve challenges and explore new possibilities.
You can exercise free will, act on intuition, find new resources to deal with difficulties, and share blessings with one another and the earth.
And all under the benevolent protection of the Angels.
Mirroring life with accuracy, the game moves gracefully to the heart of any issues bringing insight, clarity and resolution. Play it for fun and gain a new view of your life path, or use it as an effective tool for group sharing and achieving desired goals.
Fay Jeffery is one of the very few fully-accredited facilitators of the Transformation Game in South Africa. Her lengthy and rigorous training was under the personal direction of one of the originators of the game, Mary Inglis, of the Findhorn Foundation.
A 6-hour facilitated game workshop costs R600 per person.
(While a 3-person game is viable, a 4-person game gives the fullest experience.)
Also Available: Angel Transformation - 1 hour consultation R200.00

Cercle International de Recherches Culturelles Et Spritulles


Circle to Inculcate the Raising of Consciousness in Evolving Society - This could be the set of words lying behind the acronym C.I.R.C.E.S. in Southern Africa. In other parts of the world, especially those where English is not the main language, the words are different, but not the acronym.
In France, where the movement originated in 1988, it denotes 'Comite' International de Rpalisations Caritatives et Sociales'. Accordingly the work done there is largely charitable and humanitarian.
However, the founder of the movement, Raymond Bernard, knew that each country and region would reveal differing needs. When he entrusted the CIRCES work to two people in South Africa he stressed that they should identify and then serve the special need of the area.
Study led to the conclusion that people here must raise their insights from the purely material to a holistic understanding and practice of life.b
"Nothing human shall be foreign to you." This is told to each new member of CIRCES anywhere in the world. Each one is to be a seeker and doer.
Seeking is a vital part of the Circian's make-up. She or he feels a strong inner urge to discover what life is about, and will put to personal test the ideas raised during membership.
No dogma is enforced. The trust is towards personal research and discovery. Then because the knowledge gained in this way is worthless in itself, taking action is its next and vital step.
What this means is that CIRCES in Southern Africa will first help the people who join it to research themselves, to discover their strengths and handicaps, to remedy weaknesses, be they in matters of health, outlook, relationships or whatever else. At the same time they will be guided in ways of thinking that may be very new to them, this to broaden their understanding of the universe we live in and their own place in it. Throughout this personal work they will be shown how to make their new knowledge a part of their everyday life, to put it into action in the fields of ecology, nutrition, health, spiritual development, and so on.
(As 'spiritual' is mentioned, it needs to be said that CIRCES holds no religious dogma. Members' creeds, political convictions, gender, race, social strata or occupations are not matters in which CIRCES has any interest.)
As each Circian increases in knowledge and personal experience, and establishes who they really are, by that much they make a personal contribution to raising the consciousness of the population as a whole. This is one action by which CIRCES promotes the evolution of society.
Some Circians will inevitably find themselves drawn toward more profound aspects of being. They will constitute potential members of the OSTI, the 'Ordre Souverain du Temple Initiatique'. This esoteric body comprises men and women who devote themselves to work in the disciplines of prayer, meditation, contemplation and healing that is to say, in the spiritual domain.
Home study courses are available on request.


Calm Down, Meditate and Start to Heal
To reduce stress and become centred, meditation is one of the most powerful techniques ever developed. Simple to learn, yet highly effective, it consists of a series of easy mental exercises to promote relaxation and stillness.
When you 'do not have time' to recuperate from emotionally and physically stressful events, your body chemistry becomes unbalanced and your mood is disturbed. You may experience the imbalance in the form of muscular tension neck and back ache, indigestion, cold hands and feet, and so on.
The goal of the workshop is to:
Improve your health and well-being
Increase your energy levels
Improve your powers of concentration
Release your latent creativity
Put you in touch with your Inner Realities
Our aim is to help the students to perfect their meditation technique, not to maximise the numbers in the class.
You will need to set aside the same evening of the week for four successive weeks, starting at 6:30pm and lasting for about two hours.
Next Meditation Class dates: To be announced


Reiki Courses

Reiki is a Japanese term which means 'universal life energy' i.e. the energy that lives in all creation, that is inherent to all living beings and that nourishes them and keeps them alive.

Reiki is also used to describe a natural method of healing which can be used alone or in combination with other systems.

It is a way of gaining access to both one's own inner healing powers as well as the subtle energy that pervades all inner and outer manifestations of life. Each one of us can learn how to attain consciousness of the power and put it to use as food for ourselves and our fellow men.

Reiki is a tool of empowerment, it provides each individual with an opportunity to strip away the veils over consciousness through inner work to develop greater awareness, and a deeper level of communication with the Higher Self. We see the resulting effect of these veils being lifted away and the state of Eminence made manifest.

Please click here to see all the Usui Reiki courses available at the Grange and to view standard dates for these Courses.

Other Speciality Courses are presented through the year
Please contact us for enquiries.

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