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The Grange Guild of Reiki Masters

Reiki is a Japanese term which means 'universal life energy' i.e. the energy that lives in all creation, that is inherent to all living beings and that nourishes them and keeps them alive.

Reiki is also used to describe a natural method of healing which can be used alone or in combination with other systems.

It is a way of gaining access to both one's own inner healing powers as well as the subtle energy that pervades all inner and outer manifestations of life. Each one of us can learn how to attain consciousness of the power and put it to use as food for ourselves and our fellow men.

Reiki is a tool of empowerment, it provides each individual with an opportunity to strip away the veils over consciousness through inner work to develop greater awareness, and a deeper level of communication with the Higher Self, we see the resulting effect of these veils being lifted away and the state of Eminence made manifest.


The First Degree

This is the starting point of Reiki training. It enables the student to work on themselves and others in a hands on way. It includes:-

Four attunements, the passing of energy from the Master to the student to balance and fine-tune them to be able to channel Reiki themselves.
The history of Reiki and information on the lineages.
The two precepts of treating with Reiki.
The five principles of Reiki.
What Reiki is and how it works.
Reiki's limitation and contra-indications.
Suggestions on how to use Reiki.
Explanation and instruction on hand position for treatments.
Instruction on doing self-treatments, the benefits and how important they are.
Instruction on treating others.
Some thoughts on paths of self-development.
Practice, including giving and receiving treatments, so the new Reiki-ists go away confident that they can use Reiki straight away.
Prior booking is essential
A week end of a Saturday & Sunday of every month from 9:00am-4:00pm on both days 


The Second Degree

This is for those who have already completed their First Degree. Usually a period of two to three months should elapse between them. This enables the person to have experienced the First Degree, and assimilated the new energetics, balance and ability in preparation for the Degree.

The Second Degree is often referred to as the practitioner level.

The content of the training is:-
Two attunements. This enables the student to use an upgraded form of Reiki, including the use of the Sacred Symbols.
The Sacred Symbols are taught with their uses. They need to be memorised.
Practice in the use of the symbols.
Information on setting up and running a Reiki practice.
Discussion and voluntary sharing of Reiki experiences.
Using Affirmations with Reiki.
Prior booking is essential
Usually the 2nd Saturday and the 3rd Saturday of the month


The Third Degree

The minimum requirement for a presentation of Third Degree Reiki Instruction is 12 months. This length of training time is necessary in order to give candidates for the Third Degree the opportunity for personal growth, the development of the Master personality, and the individual approach to the Reiki system. As soon as a person has decided on training in the Third Degree and has been accepted by a Master as a student, a subtle but lasting stimulation of personal maturity though the Reiki force begins. For this spiritual influence to have the best effect for the student, much time and commitment is necessary on the part of the student and on the part of the teacher. Based on experience, training on one day, on one weekend, or for one week is in no way suited for imparting even an appreciable part of the technical or spiritual contents of a solid Third Degree training.

Prior booking is essential

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Reiki Master Trainer Teacher

Ethical Guidelines for Reiki Trainers (Masters/Teachers)

Live up to the responsibilities in the function of a trainer. Fulfil the obligation of constant continued learning in the professional field. Confidentially treat personal information from students. Only pass on what you understand yourself and master in the practical sense in your function as a trainer. Don't pull students into a personal dependence. Deal fairly and clearly with service and return service, energy exchange in general, and money in particular. Do not enter into any type of erotic or sexual relationships with students on principle. If this happens anyway, immediately make it clear to the student that the beginning of a partner relationship is the end of the teacher-student relationship; give yourself time to think about your own relationship wishes and point out the possibility of unclear transferences and counter-transferences in the psychotherapeutic sense.

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Dates:  Dates are set on an individual need ~

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